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  • ₹189
    Lable deos are truly world class with never before Trigno technology and 2000 sprays in every can. Lable deos are just like you; royal in style, proud about your roots and passionate in every dream...
  • ₹159
    Red Lable's Smart Shave Technology allows the smoothest shave and leaves the skin feeling toned and clean. It revitalizes, softens, cools and protects the skin. It is suitable for all skin types.  
  • ₹189
    Lable Shampoo is truly first in class with amazing Protein technology that builds up man hair. Washing regularly with Lable Shampoo helps make hair cleaner, shinier and stronger. Making it so...
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    Spraymintt is India’s no.1 mouth freshener spray and is truly a world class product. It is easy to carry in a pocket, offers great value with over 175 freshener sprays per pack and gives you fresh,...